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CEO at Appvolution

Khairul Fadhli

Khairul Fadhli

I'm a serial entrepreneur. Been involved with no less than 10 startups for the past 17 years. I started my entrepreneurial journey at 19 and I am now 36. Experience a fair amount of success with some and went through the pain of failures with other. But 17 years on, I am still at it. Not giving up as my passion is to develop something, make it grow and see it add value to peoples' lives.

I have spent the past 1 year doing a project on a personal level. You can call it a pet project. Me and my team have launched an Ecommerce platform that accepts crypto payments. Yes, we want to raise awareness on cryptocurrency being used as a form of payment instead of just being an investment tool.

Have a look at https://www.smuaade.com