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CEO & Co-Founder at Fortifex

Luke Jones

Luke Jones

Luke Jones has 20 years experience in the financial services, investment and infrastructure space. Being a renowned international speaker, author and cryptocurrency trader, he is regularly invited to advise organisations on financial & digital technology. Luke is also the CEO of leading global cryptocurrency asset management platform - FORTIFEX; where he strives to demystify the hype surrounding blockchain and crytocurrency today.

Having a profound and solid experience in the digital startup ecosystem allows him to have an edge in understanding and being able to evaluate and rate upcoming ICOs. He aims to provide the best possible solution for individuals and businesses to navigate the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He hopes to see both individuals and businesses adopt innovations in a more seamless and lower risk environment.


Luke Jones is passionate about cryptocurrency and loves helping people navigate the blockchain and crypto space. MBA qualified, he has spent over ten years trading in the future markets. He is the founder of FORTIFEX, a cryptocurrency asset management platform. Luke specialises in talks regarding cryptocurrency trading, token valuation and speaks often about how to not lose money in the crypto space. He is also a senior member of the Los Angeles based Crypto Council - a private, invite-only community dedicated for top level investors to discover, debate and inspire investments in the crypto space.

Luke will briefly cover the fundamentals of how cryptocurrencies work and the various factors that need to be take into account when building a model to calculate their value. He has accumulated over 10 years experience trading for myself in the futures markets and know the best way to trade consistently is by using a consistent system that evolves with the traded market. The recent months have found him in Dubai, Australia and Hong Kong eg. World Blockchain Forum, Skyledger Dubai Conference and more; to demystify the hype surrounding blockchain and crytocurrency today.