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Founder & CEO at Blockspace Labs

Mukhtar Mussabetov

Mukhtar Mussabetov

Mukhtar is a serial entrepreneur and a Founder & CEO of BlockSpace Labs Inc. (Toronto, Canada, a co-founder of 3 blockchain startups and a Blockchain/Dapp development and advisory firm) and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the Blockchain based ecosystems. He and his team help blockchain startups with:

  • Blockchain Idea/Concept Validation from Value, Technological, Architectural and Development perspectives;
  • Blockchain/DLT Cost-Benefit Analysis;
  • Tokenomics & Business Model Tokenization;
  • Conceptualization/White Paper Development;
  • Ecosystem Building/Evaluation & Scalability Assessment;
  • ICO Staging;
  • Token Generation Event;
  • Blockchain/DLT Platform/Dapp development (turnkey);
  • Security Assessment.

Previous experience includes international, large-scale, investment management; executive positions with major global corporations; advisory on corporate governance and business strategy.