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Senior Vice President at Science Center

NorAzmi Alias

NorAzmi Alias

Primary focus on understanding technology and industry trends relevant to Electrical and Electronic industry, and establish strategy and relevant programs to catalyze the growth of the targeted markets. Active collaboration with industry, academia, public sector agencies and relevant ministries identifying industry needs and gaps, ideation of new concept, implementing the immediate and long term solutions to the problem, and promote awareness on interesting yet challenging and fun career in the E&E sector.

Graduate school experience in characterization and prediction of failures of metals and composite in marine environment. In depth analysis of failure mechanism through surface, elemental and compositional analysis. More than 15 years industrial R&D experience in semiconductor packaging, electronic chemicals, electrochemical applications, and telecommunication product design and components technology.

More than 10 years industry experience in setting up, managing, leading product design, development and enabling technology application research. Create, improvise and implement innovative processes to leverage globally available talents and capital resources to shorten development time, minimizing defects at lower cost in delivering innovative products to market faster, better and cheaper.

Believe in identifying passionate, capable highly potential talent and nurture to be technology and/or technical management leaders in their chosen field. Specialties: Chemical processes, polymer synthesis, coating and ink formulation, characterization and analysis of corrosion and materials failures, materials engineering, electrochemical processes, competitive benchmarking and analysis, innovation management, product development, co-creation.