Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conf 2018

Kuala Lumpur - November 13-15

Learn how cryptocurrencies, ICOs and underlying blockchain platform can leverage your horizon and create new business opportunities.

About BCconf

Our mission is to expand awareness and knowledge of Blockchain and Crypto-currency over the course of a three-day conference and exhibition. BCconf includes a wealth of information for Blockchain & cryptocurrency users and developers, traders, Business entrepreneur and managers, financier and investors. From code gurus to venture capitalists to social activists, BCconf brings together an astounding and vibrant mixture of perspectives, goals, and outlooks. With prominent signage, frequent print ads, aggressive online marketing, and post-show communications, you can gain sponsors and receive MILLIONS of impressions maximizing exposure to this powerful audience.

Enterprise Hyperledger Blockchain global network

Interest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency platform have surged in public awareness more recently than ever before

Our goal is not only to provide a broader overview of the system, but also to take a deep dive into the momentum and visibility of these crypto systems and provide a profound analysis, risk assessment and technical understanding to all involved parties.

There has been a surging speculation on crypto currencies in 2017 that has resulted in the formation of yet another financial bubble resembling the Dot-com bubble. Many

believe that cryptocurrency is still in its infancy age and many think that this has been speculation hype and will be exterminated sooner than later. With many uncertainties in market such as:
  • Is it too late to invest in cryptocurrency? Which one has a better supported technology platform?
  • Out of many cryptocurrencies which one has growth future, too cheap/expensive, etc?
  • Can government legislations overwhelm the widespread development of Blockchain applications and crypto-currencies?

Many more questions, like above, remained unanswered and will be addressed in BCconf.


IOTA NEM Zcash NEO Tether Bitcoin cash


Distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain is the backbone of crypto currency. Although Blockchain is currently used for crypto-currency mainly, the application of this ingenious invention is unlimited.

Crypto Currency

Since the birth of initial Crypto Currency known as Bitcoin, there have been a lot of other cryptocoins introduced with unique characteristics.

Crypto Exchange

BitExchange centers are an intriging part of Crypto-currency valuation. BitExchange enables the market to realize the true value of Crypto-currencies.


Initial Coin Offerings and token distribution events have gained impressive popularity around the world due to fundraising simplicity and the excitement around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto exchange Law market ICO invest entrepreneur

At BCconf2018 we will bring it all together

This conference will bring together blockchain and cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to establish connections with the world and the most influential minds. It will also connect those who want to stay ahead of the curve and get the inside scoop on the most promising companies out there as they prepare for high-profile ICOs / Token Sales.

At BCconf, other then connecting investors and entrepreneurs, we’ll be discussing the future of blockchain technologies, as well as the current situation of the cryptocurrency markets.

We’ll also be answering the questions on everyone’s lips, such as:
  • What are the expectations or predictions for blockchain going forward?
  • What are the consequences of investing in cryptocurrencies?
  • What are the main questions to ask when evaluating an ICO or Token Sale?
  • Will ICOs change the way in which funds are raised?
  • Is venture capital really dead?
And many more!
government regulation taxation industry rights

Laws & Compliance

Governments around the world are introducing new Laws, Rules, Regulations & Compliance

Government regulation and taxation on cryptocoins. Market future trend and development. Viability and post-existentialism of cryptocoin after market boom/bust.

Use applications of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other. Which industry sector adopted more applicable and futuristic coins.

Realistic versus futuristic view as well as pros and cons of publicly- versus governmental offered crypto currencies.

ICO IPO crowdfunded opportunities policy

Funding Your Startup via ICO

ICOs have made headlines recently with companies raising hundreds of millions of dollars.

In this comprehensive session, you’ll learn the risks and opportunities of ICOs so you can build a fundraising strategy that is right for you.

Expert Alexandra Damsker will share her insights on the current state of crypto markets, regulation and policy, while diving into case studies around successful and failed ICOs. You’ll leave with a clear sense of the challenges of ICOs and if they are a good fit for your business. You’ll also have the opportunity to evaluate the risks and rewards of this fundraising vehicle against other forms of capital.

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We will explore new methods of finance, as well as review existing and developing legal considerations and international initiatives. In bringing together industry thought-leaders, this is destined to offer unique and valuable insights to this growing industry.

Featured Speakers

Speak at the conference

Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos

CEO at Token Advisors
Moses Wanki Park

Moses Wanki Park

Barrister at Liberty Chambers
Effendy Zulkifly

Effendy Zulkifly

CEO of Blockchain Academy Asia
Dr Sindhu Bhaskar

Dr Sindhu Bhaskar

Director at EST Capital
Mukhtar Mussabetov

Mukhtar Mussabetov

Founder/CEO at Blockspace Labs
Jörg Molt

Jörg Molt

Founder & CEO Satoshi School
Devina Dutta

Devina Dutta

Founder at BlockBlazon
Khairul Fadhli

Khairul Fadhli

CEO at Appvolution
Abdul Fattah Yatim

Abdul Fattah Yatim

Chairman, Malaysia’s National Standards Technical Committee on Blockchain
Anton Vokrug

Anton Vokrug

CEO at DataTrading
Eugene Potemskyi

Eugene Potemskyi

CBDO at DataTrading
Sadia Bruce

Sadia Bruce

Blockchain Communications Advisor
Mo Jalloh

Mo Jalloh

Co-Founder and CEO of Zimrii
Derrick Liu

Derrick Liu

Advisor at PayPie
Samson Williams

Samson Williams

Partner at Axes and Eggs
Fraser Brown

Fraser Brown

Founder and Chairman at ACT Foundation
Aharsh MS

Aharsh MS

Co-Founder at Accubits Technologies
Shawn D’Cotta

Shawn D’Cotta

CEO at Excavate
Amie Lin

Amie Lin

Co-Founder & Director at HZ Capital Group
Tomas Martunas

Tomas Martunas

Managing Partner at Goldfish Fund
Darien Nagle

Darien Nagle

Cloud Evangelist at Dromar Digital
Ji Sheng Tan

Ji Sheng Tan

Co-Founder & Core-developer at Trivechain
Shameer Thaha

Shameer Thaha

CEO at Accubits Technologies
Gunesh Raj

Gunesh Raj

CTO at SF Media, SportsFix
Seimin Kuan

Seimin Kuan

CEO at Wirex
Jack Chia

Jack Chia

Managing Director at Cryptology
Herbert Sim

Herbert Sim

CMO at Cryptology
Ong Lin Wooi

Ong Lin Wooi

CMO at FiiiLab
Nakul Shah

Nakul Shah

Founder and Director at Sate Development
Dr AJ Minai

Dr AJ Minai

CEO at Omni Payment Solutions
Alexandra Levin Kramer

Alexandra Levin Kramer

BC Chair, CKR Law LLP Founder,
Maxim Tsaryk

Maxim Tsaryk

CEO of ASKfm

Call for papers Upload your paper

This is open invitation to all Researchers, Scholars, Lawyers, government legislators, Start-ups, Investors and innovators.

Economy and Financial sectors

The conference organizers invite authors to submit strong empirical, theoretical or policy related papers or extended abstracts on the economics and finance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.


The conference aims to unite interested scholars as well as industrial members from all relevant disciplines who study and work in the space of blockchain, cryptocurrency and relevant technology such cloud computing.


The conference organizers invite new and interesting startups to submit their pitch that can be presented during the events.This is a unique opportunity for Summit attendees to hear from the founders about the newest and hottest upcoming ICO. By pitching for you ICO you can reach out to wider spectrum of investors at BCconf.

Sociology and Anthropology

The implication of blockchain technology does not confine to financial market. We invite Sociology and Anthropology Scholars to submit their papers on cultural effects of crypto-currencies. The invention of blockchain technology has reformated the way we do business and function as a society.

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Gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in applications of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies use and challenges, new upcoming laws and regulations impacting the adoption of cryptocurrency and much much more.

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